Tuesday 18 December 2012

Stellarino 0.4 Release

ATTENTION READERS: Stellarino 0.4 is outdated. Please download version 1.2 instead, or fetch the latest revision from GitHub. See the latest posts on this blog.

LED Fade Example Code with Push Button Selectable Speed

Stellarino is a simple Wiring-like but incompatible interface library implemented in C for the TI Stellaris LM4F120H5QR used in the Stellaris Launchpad, and similar MCUs. It is meant to facilitate the rapid creation of basic microcontroller firmware without the need to parse through thousands of pages in datasheets and other documentation. It uses syntax similar to Wiring to ease the introduction of newcomers familiar with the Arduino and similar boards to the Stellaris platform.

Stellarino implements functions for configuration, delays, using timers, GPIO, analog input, PWM, controlling hobby-style servomotors, and more. It was created using the TI StellarisWare Peripheral Driver Library. It thus requires StellarisWare and a suitable IDE, such as TI Code Composer Studio in order to function. Since Stellarino implements all basic functionality using the StellarisWare PDL with simple, easy to understand code, it also makes a good introductory example for the use of the PDL.

Stellarino 0.4 is the first public release of Stellarino.

Stellarino is free software, distributed under version 3 of the GNU General Public License. It links with the StellarisWare PDL, which is permissible due to the BSD-style license on the PDL.

The library also includes code to configure the very useful UARTstdio library provided by TI. However, the UARTstdio library is under a restrictive GPL incompatible license and thus cannot be directly included with Stellarino. To use UARTstdio with this library for personal use, uncomment the associated #include in stellarino.h, copy uartstdio.c from the "utils" folder of StellarisWare to the root of the project directory, and uncomment the UARTStdioInit(0); line from the init() function defined in stellarino.c.

Download link

The download is provided as a TI Code Composer Studio project. Documentation for the library is included with the project in the file stellarino_userguide.txt.


  1. Sultan,

    You link is broken... Ideas?

    1. The link seems to work fine for me. In any case, this is version is outdated. Download version 0.5 instead.

    2. I get this error message:

      "The file you requested has been blocked for a violation of our Terms of Service. "

      Can you please fix this? This is an excellent project and I would like to test it.

    3. I have no idea why they removed the file, there is nothing objectionable that I know of, just open source code written by me. The file for version 0.5 is still up though, so get that instead. It's also on GitHub (see the later posts on this blog).